Top 5 Fashion E-commerce Websites in India

There are many websites which came to limelight because of the revolutionary options added to websites, and the offers are overwhelming when it comes to discounts. Nobody can resist the discounts, and what better way is to buy a product of your choice, and it delivers to your place.

It was already predicted that the shopping websites would be on a roll soon because of the demand in the market for online products. There are many websites now who are providing a wide range of collection which cannot be seen or found in any ordinary stores. Some of the goods and items are not even available in the states, but you can get one of those from online.

Let’s take a look at the websites which are not only attractive but also providing quality products on their sites.

Top 5 Fashion E-commerce Websites in India

Snapdeal – A Trusted Website

Snapdeal came to limelight when the company started selling products online with COD options, similar to the Flipkart during 2010. You can even say that Snapdeal is the only website which can rival Flipkart. The company expanded to offer other products other than juts coupons, electronics, accessories and other things, and you can find fashion items on Snapdeal. One of the exciting options of the Snapdeal is that the incase if you do not like the product then you can exchange, or you can even return without any fuss, just by filling the form. However, make sure to check if the product has refund & returns option before ordering.

Jabong started in 2012 by four founders, behind Jabong there were many experts behind it making the shopping websites experience way better. Jabong has a huge collection of products you can select from, and you can shop from a wide range of fashion collection, The collection is latest but make sure to check the quality of the product before purchasing.

You can make purchases from the Jabong for least price like Flipkart and Snapdeal, but there is a catch that the many of the Jabong products do not have an easy returns policy.


Flipkart is the first shopping website to launch COD option in India, and that is the only reason why Flipkart became huge within four years of the period. One of the most important aspects of the shopping is that the category has upgraded and added many products to the collection. One of them is fashion, and you can select from latest fashion products that they have on the site.


Amazon is a popular E-commerce website, which requires no introduction. Amazon has now added new fashion items to the collection and you can browse around from the the collection.


Myntra is an another E-commerce website, which is entirely dedicated to the fashion and you can find fashion products like clothing, watches, accessories, footwear and more. Myntra has easy returns option on several products.


These were the top five E-commerce in India which are selling fashion products and make sure to check easy returns & refund option before ordering the product.

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