Top 5 Bordband Internet Service Providers

The Internet is now most used service to connect with friends, family and professional persons. The internet is used all over the world, even on the smartphone as the new services have come to the online market. The number of users has now increased all over the world that also includes in India.

The Google has revealed that the number of Internet users has now increased in India over the past few years now and the competitor has grown to the networks as the expectation of the consumers and their needs has grown.

The ISP are giving their best to make the product more useful, and the user must have positive experience towards the service the internet service providers.

The expectations of the consumers are increasing from the ISP providers. No customer is adjusting even if the web is going down for a minute or so.

As the demand of the internet has increased so the number of the provided. The third party providers have now grown over the past few years. And there is no denying that these providers are not doing a great job. So here are the best internet service providers, who are a brand with a reputation.

Top 5 Broadband Internet Service Providers

We are not listing any of the providers in the first to last place. The order is random and these internet service providers huge base of customers.

Note: ISP executives, sometimes try to trick you and make you subscribe the package with false information like Unlimited 1MBPS without any FUP for just Rs.450, actually FUP was only 20GB.


One of the most used ISP in South India and I have also subscribed to the Hathway service, and they do a good job at what they offer. The packages are reasonable, and the service is decent. Hathway broadband customer care is good and trained.

 MTNL – The Oldest Service Provider

MTNL has been around for a while, and the MTNL is Government service provider, who wanted to bring and innovate every house. MTNL connections have both advantages & disadvantages. If you are a multiplayer gamer, then MTNL is not for you. The MTNL service is average and make sure to ask MNTL customers before subscribing.

ACT Broadband – (Also known as Beam Fibre)

The packages of the ACT broadband is decent, and The connection is reliable and durable even during the heavy rains. ACT has been providing very good services to the customers but there is also a disadvantage to the services like Connection has not provided for six months even after paying the advance & the customer care if reckless because the ACT broadband is not responding to the customer complaints.

You Broadband & Tikona

Tikona:  Practically Tikona is dead. Tikona has been providing decent Internet services only in selected areas, but the Tikona broadband does not work in many areas and makes sure find out if your area is not on that list.

You Broadband: You broadband has a huge number of customers, and the service is very decent. The client’s care is not very friendly, but the Internet is very useful in parts of Hyderabad. Reasonable packages, decent speed & FUP.


No matter which service you choose, it is better that you ask your neighbours who have been using Cable Internet for more than a year. That is how you can find out if the ISP is reliable.

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