Overview on SBI ( State Bank Of India)

SBI is the one of the first Bank India ever had. SBI stands for (State Bank of India) which is the oldest bank in India. State Bank of India is one of the reputed names and most reliable service. There are several banks in India, who are offering several services but SBI has the unique services which you will not find in any other competitive bank.

State bank of India is one of the biggest banks in India having over millions of accounts and serving customers all over India. The Bank is offering almost every service such as savings account, current account for employee and companies, children accounts for students and more.

The SBI has is available in every corner of the country to enable banking services to each and every city. It doesn’t matter even if you are in a village you can access the bank services from the village. The motive behind State Bank of India is that to provide banking services every Indian, it simply doesn’t matter where you are.

You can find you nearest State Bank of India bank by looking for it online or simply calling the customer care. The bank has tied up with all of the banks so that State Bank of India can serve you in a better way.

State Bank of India managed by the government of India or rather calls them Reserve bank of India. Getting an account on private banks are good idea because they provide you wide range of other services which the State Bank of India lacking however on the bright side if you are planning to get a State Bank of India account for your personal savings I think this is the best bank to use it for savings purposes because State Bank of India providing net banking, debit card, and credit card services so that you can shop online carry money everywhere.

What Services Does State Bank of India provide in 2K16:

There are many services State Bank of India is providing to their customers so that they won’t get behind.

  • Loans (You can all type of loans from home loans to personal and the amazing interest rate is very low in State Bank of India compared to other major banks).
  • State Bank of India is good for a savings account.
  • State Bank of India has net banking services where you can make quick payment (You can make payments, recharges and more in just minutes).
  • You will get a debit card after your account is activated (you can use it normally like any other debit Visa card).
  • The account opening cost starts from 500/- without a cheque book.
  • You do not have to maintain any balance in the account, which is cool for students and youth and for those who do not want to maintain any balance, there are banks which require at least 10,000 minimum balances.

These were the some of the common features which we need to survive in this generation. State Bank of India is user friendly when it comes to saving account.

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