Top 5 Bordband Internet Service Providers

The Internet is now most used service to connect with friends, family and professional persons. The internet is used all over the world, even on the smartphone as the new services have come to the online market. The number of users has now increased all over the world that also includes in India.

The Google has revealed that the number of Internet users has now increased in India over the past few years now and the competitor has grown to the networks as the expectation of the consumers and their needs has grown.

The ISP are giving their best to make the product more useful, and the user must have positive experience towards the service the internet service providers.

The expectations of the consumers are increasing from the ISP providers. No customer is adjusting even if the web is going down for a minute or so.

As the demand of the internet has increased so the number of the provided. The third party providers have now grown over the past few years. And there is no denying that these providers are not doing a great job. So here are the best internet service providers, who are a brand with a reputation.

Top 5 Broadband Internet Service Providers

We are not listing any of the providers in the first to last place. The order is random and these internet service providers huge base of customers.

Note: ISP executives, sometimes try to trick you and make you subscribe the package with false information like Unlimited 1MBPS without any FUP for just Rs.450, actually FUP was only 20GB.


One of the most used ISP in South India and I have also subscribed to the Hathway service, and they do a good job at what they offer. The packages are reasonable, and the service is decent. Hathway broadband customer care is good and trained.

 MTNL – The Oldest Service Provider

MTNL has been around for a while, and the MTNL is Government service provider, who wanted to bring and innovate every house. MTNL connections have both advantages & disadvantages. If you are a multiplayer gamer, then MTNL is not for you. The MTNL service is average and make sure to ask MNTL customers before subscribing.

ACT Broadband – (Also known as Beam Fibre)

The packages of the ACT broadband is decent, and The connection is reliable and durable even during the heavy rains. ACT has been providing very good services to the customers but there is also a disadvantage to the services like Connection has not provided for six months even after paying the advance & the customer care if reckless because the ACT broadband is not responding to the customer complaints.

You Broadband & Tikona

Tikona:  Practically Tikona is dead. Tikona has been providing decent Internet services only in selected areas, but the Tikona broadband does not work in many areas and makes sure find out if your area is not on that list.

You Broadband: You broadband has a huge number of customers, and the service is very decent. The client’s care is not very friendly, but the Internet is very useful in parts of Hyderabad. Reasonable packages, decent speed & FUP.


No matter which service you choose, it is better that you ask your neighbours who have been using Cable Internet for more than a year. That is how you can find out if the ISP is reliable.

Top 5 Fashion E-commerce Websites in India

There are many websites which came to limelight because of the revolutionary options added to websites, and the offers are overwhelming when it comes to discounts. Nobody can resist the discounts, and what better way is to buy a product of your choice, and it delivers to your place.

It was already predicted that the shopping websites would be on a roll soon because of the demand in the market for online products. There are many websites now who are providing a wide range of collection which cannot be seen or found in any ordinary stores. Some of the goods and items are not even available in the states, but you can get one of those from online.

Let’s take a look at the websites which are not only attractive but also providing quality products on their sites.

Top 5 Fashion E-commerce Websites in India

Snapdeal – A Trusted Website

Snapdeal came to limelight when the company started selling products online with COD options, similar to the Flipkart during 2010. You can even say that Snapdeal is the only website which can rival Flipkart. The company expanded to offer other products other than juts coupons, electronics, accessories and other things, and you can find fashion items on Snapdeal. One of the exciting options of the Snapdeal is that the incase if you do not like the product then you can exchange, or you can even return without any fuss, just by filling the form. However, make sure to check if the product has refund & returns option before ordering.

Jabong started in 2012 by four founders, behind Jabong there were many experts behind it making the shopping websites experience way better. Jabong has a huge collection of products you can select from, and you can shop from a wide range of fashion collection, The collection is latest but make sure to check the quality of the product before purchasing.

You can make purchases from the Jabong for least price like Flipkart and Snapdeal, but there is a catch that the many of the Jabong products do not have an easy returns policy.


Flipkart is the first shopping website to launch COD option in India, and that is the only reason why Flipkart became huge within four years of the period. One of the most important aspects of the shopping is that the category has upgraded and added many products to the collection. One of them is fashion, and you can select from latest fashion products that they have on the site.


Amazon is a popular E-commerce website, which requires no introduction. Amazon has now added new fashion items to the collection and you can browse around from the the collection.


Myntra is an another E-commerce website, which is entirely dedicated to the fashion and you can find fashion products like clothing, watches, accessories, footwear and more. Myntra has easy returns option on several products.


These were the top five E-commerce in India which are selling fashion products and make sure to check easy returns & refund option before ordering the product.

Overview on SBI ( State Bank Of India)

SBI is the one of the first Bank India ever had. SBI stands for (State Bank of India) which is the oldest bank in India. State Bank of India is one of the reputed names and most reliable service. There are several banks in India, who are offering several services but SBI has the unique services which you will not find in any other competitive bank.

State bank of India is one of the biggest banks in India having over millions of accounts and serving customers all over India. The Bank is offering almost every service such as savings account, current account for employee and companies, children accounts for students and more.

The SBI has is available in every corner of the country to enable banking services to each and every city. It doesn’t matter even if you are in a village you can access the bank services from the village. The motive behind State Bank of India is that to provide banking services every Indian, it simply doesn’t matter where you are.

You can find you nearest State Bank of India bank by looking for it online or simply calling the customer care. The bank has tied up with all of the banks so that State Bank of India can serve you in a better way.

State Bank of India managed by the government of India or rather calls them Reserve bank of India. Getting an account on private banks are good idea because they provide you wide range of other services which the State Bank of India lacking however on the bright side if you are planning to get a State Bank of India account for your personal savings I think this is the best bank to use it for savings purposes because State Bank of India providing net banking, debit card, and credit card services so that you can shop online carry money everywhere.

What Services Does State Bank of India provide in 2K16:

There are many services State Bank of India is providing to their customers so that they won’t get behind.

  • Loans (You can all type of loans from home loans to personal and the amazing interest rate is very low in State Bank of India compared to other major banks).
  • State Bank of India is good for a savings account.
  • State Bank of India has net banking services where you can make quick payment (You can make payments, recharges and more in just minutes).
  • You will get a debit card after your account is activated (you can use it normally like any other debit Visa card).
  • The account opening cost starts from 500/- without a cheque book.
  • You do not have to maintain any balance in the account, which is cool for students and youth and for those who do not want to maintain any balance, there are banks which require at least 10,000 minimum balances.

These were the some of the common features which we need to survive in this generation. State Bank of India is user friendly when it comes to saving account.